President Trump!

Seen politically – that is, from the perspective that what really matters is the creation of an enduring, independent and meaningful grassroots anti-system movement – whether or not Donald Trump’s victory is really for the best is a difficult and complicated question.   (We have the unfortunate example of the liquidation of the vital grassroots movements of the 1970s into the Reagan GOP with ultimately almost nothing but words to show for it as a cautionary example.)

Still, Trump seems different and, potentially facing stonewalling from both parties, he may focus all the more on mobilizing the masses against the classes.  I suppose that time will tell.

Still, none of that matters to me this morning as I bask in the light of that big “F*#k You” given by the people to the entire elite – from the Bush family, the Koch brothers and the Neo-Cons to Barack Obama, Rachel Maddow (what could have been better than watching her squirm last night!?), and all those other arrogant PC luminaries too numerous to mention.

Regardless of what happens from here, that alone was worth it all!


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