Fake News…

… As practiced by the MSM

From the Washington Post:

10 days after the election:

Americans perhaps were trying to make sense of a wave of postelection acts of hate, including the robbery of a Muslim student at San Diego State University who wore traditional religious clothing, a black church in Mississippi set on fire and spray-painted with “Vote Trump” on the wall…

The postelection hate spike: How long will it last?

But now…

In recent months, alleged crimes have been committed in the name of Trump and Black Lives Matter, the victims claimed, sparking initial outrage only to be later deemed hoaxes by police.

Miss. black church fire was called a hate crime. Now parishioner has been arrested for it.


She claimed she was attacked by men who yelled ‘Trump’ and grabbed her hijab. Police say she lied.


(Comment is hardly necessary.)


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