Starting the New Year Right

What better way to kick things off than with Trump’s epic public slap-down of Paul Ryan & co. around the Office of Congressional Ethics!

If Conservatism, Inc. thought it was going to have it’s way, these latest developments should help put it in its place. After all, as Jake Novak points out in Trump is going to body slam the GOP a lot more in 2017

It’s become very clear that Trump will continue to make a lot of conservative Republicans very mad in 2017. And here’s why he can get away with it: It’s not just that Trump won the election and he’s going to be the president. Remember that, while the general election was very close, Trump utterly gutted the GOP in the primaries. That was the real landslide of 2016 and it sends the message that he doesn’t really need much from the Republican Party — especially its ideology — to succeed. Trump needed and probably still needs the official Republican label after his name, but that’s about it.

Looking forward to a great year…!


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