On the Alt Right and the 59 Missiles

I’m not giving up on the God-Emperor yet…. But this is a very good reminder that he wasn’t ever anything more than a long shot. – Vox Day – Blunder or complete debacle?

Many of us, myself included, were willing to give working with the system a try to see what would happen. A dismal Trump failure will only mean that we will revert to the position we were in prior to 2015, when we were encouraging people to think outside the establishment and business as usual. – John Morgan – Trump’s Red Line . . . & Ours

The national bourgeoisie is a class which is politically very weak and vacillating…. They are part of the broad masses of the people but not the main body, nor are they a force that determines the character of the revolution. – Mao Tse-Tung – On the Question of the National Bourgeoisie and the Enlightened Gentry (1)

Not surprisingly, the Trump administration’s attack on Syria has caused consternation and anger across the spectrum of opinion of the nationalist right, especially given the on-going and apparently successful efforts of the military, financial and mainstream GOP to marginalize the Bannon wing of the Trump administration.

While much of the alt right and especially the alt lite blogosphere continues to (correctly) support the Trump regime at least critically, it is safe to say that the honeymoon is over.

Trumps reversion to a Clintonian foreign policy is, of course, disappointing but the response within the alt circles is also rather a let-down. Comments like Mr. Morgan’s reflect the fundamentally naive and apolitical nature of most of this movement – its inability to understand that the system and the elites behind it are fundamentally committed to globalism and multiculturalism and that only a mass, radical and independent movement of our nation’s working and middle classes will be able to challenge the current trajectory of development of 21st century capitalism in any meaningful way. Further, Mr. Morgan’s implication that the creation of such a movement is counter-posed to electoral work misses the point that, approached correctly, there is an important synergy between the two strategies.

Trump’s campaign, as important as it was in stimulating this movement, was too successful too quickly. Consequently, with no real political power base to counter the pressure on him from the political-military-economic establishment, the nationalist elements of his program are being blocked or dropped. And so, the recent events in Syria, however unfortunate, are no surprise and should be seen as a reminder that the hard work of real-world organizing lies ahead.

(1)See my previous post, Trump as National Bourgeois.


2 thoughts on “On the Alt Right and the 59 Missiles

  1. Thanks for your comments to my article. I want to point out, however, that I was saying that IF there is a dismal Trump failure, we should go back to our pre-2015 stance. While this attack was a very bad thing and Trump should be criticized for it, I will be the first to praise him if he ends up doing something positive in the future. I also did not write that “the creation of a mass, radical and independent movement of our nation’s working and middle classes is counter-posed to electoral work.” I am all in favor of developing such a movement. But while the ground for such a movement seems to be there, if Trump abandons us we will have to give up on trying to effect change from the top down and instead focus on a grassroots movement – which would involve the sort of metapolitical work that the Alt Right was engaged in before it became the “Hail Trump” movement. I hope this clarifies my stance.


    • Thanks for your response and I apologize if my initial post seemed dissmissive or unfair. Still, while I realize that you may not see it that way, I think that you are approaching the Trump presidency as a possible way around a mass movement-building strategy. For example, you say “if Trump abandons us we will have to give up on trying to effect change from the top down and instead focus on a grassroots movement.” In fact, however, “if Trump abandons us” it will be because there is no grassroots movement.

      In general, I think that your comment continues to reflect the on-going failure of the alt-x movement to prioritize articulating a political strategy as opposed to just an endless critique of the current order. I don’t mean this harshly or to imply that you are unique in this, however, moving forward, I believe that we (and I include myself here) need to focus in a serious way on a discussion of “What is to be Done”.


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