Disavowal Won’t Save You

Antifascists argue that… physical violence against white supremacists is both ethically justifiable and strategically effective. – Mark BrayWho are the antifa? in the Washington Post.  Mr. Bray is a visiting historian at Dartmouth College and author of Antifa The Anti-Fascist Handbook.

Brooke: But not just that, right? Antifa is fundamentally against the right of fascists to speak and be heard.

Mark: That’s entirely correct. So, in your open you mentioned the popular slogan that liberals have adopted from Voltaire that, “I may disagree with what you have to say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Anti-fascists fundamentally disagree with that premise.  – Interview at Abolition Journal with Mark Bray

Now that the ruling class has given its antifa attack dogs free range, that movement’s theoreticians have suddenly become almost respectable.  Soft ball interviews, access to the mainstream media, and fawning coverage have provided a platform for the likes of Mr. Bray far beyond what they previously enjoyed.

A good example of this coverage is a recent review of Bray’s book in The New Yorker. While not completely uncritical, the reviewer fails to question a number of the author’s most dubious assertions and we are asked to accept on face value his assurances:

As for the slippery-slopists, afraid that antifa will begin with Fascists and eventually attack anybody who opposes them, Bray maintains that the historical record does not support this fear…

Actually, of course, the antifa’s definition of fascism (and white supremacism) is so broad that pretty much anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton and certainly any Trump voter almost certainly falls into that category and so is fair game for physical assault, economic ruin and social ostracism.

This should be obvious to anyone who has not been living under a rock for the past few years, but if you have been, Porter at The Kakistocracy provides the best summary of this I’ve seen so far, in a recent post We’re Going to Need a Bigger Moat.

And, just in case you’ve forgotten, it’s worth considering this very partial summary of violent attacks on the Trump campaign in 2015 and 2016, outlined proudly in  Trumpism, a pamphlet by Alexander Reid Ross, another antifa thinker and author of the recently published Against the Fascist Creep.

“To gain some perspective about the kind of movement we’re talking about, here’s a non-exhaustive list of anti-Trump Actions:
June 29th: About 100 protesters outside Chicago rally.
October 23rd: Repeatedly interrupted at Miami rally.
November 18th: Sporadic interruptions at Worchester rally.
December 4th: Ten interruptions at Raliegh[sic] rally.
December 11th: About a dozen protesters interrupt NYC event.
December 14th: Interruptions and fighting at Las Vegas rally.
January 2016
4th: Frequent interruptions at Lowell rally.
8th: Multiple disruptions at Burlington rally in addition to a separate anti-Trump demonstration in the city.
13th: Small protest outside Pensacola rally.
20th: Tulsa rally interrupted with a banner.
27th: Pelted with tomatoes at Iowa City rally.
28th: Interruption at Des Moines event.
1st: Pro- and anti-Trump rallies in Seattle.
7th: Students protest outside Plymouth rally.
14th: Hundreds of protesters outside Tampa rally.
18th: Interruption and fighting at Augusta rally.
19th: Myrtle Beach rally interrupted with a banner.
19th:Anti-Trump piñata bash outside Houston debate.
22nd:Lights are cut during Atlanta rally.
23rd: Disruptions at Las Vegas rally.
23rd: Pickets outside of Trump hotels in Las Vegas.
28th: Small demonstration outside Madison rally.
29th: Interruptions and fighting at Radford rally.
3rd: Repeated interruptions and fighting at Louisville rally.
4th: Frequent interruptions at New Orleans rally.
5th: Frequent interruptions at Orlando rally.
7th: Multiple interruptions at Concord rally.
9th: Multiple interruptions at Fayetteville rally with protests outside.
11th: Interruptions and fighting at St. Louis event.
11th: Fighting at cancelled Chicago rally followed by clashes with the police in the street.
12th: Stage stormed by protester during Dayton rally.
13th: Repeated interruptions and fighting at Kansas City rally.
15th: Protests outside West Chester rally.
19th: Blockade outside of Fountain Hills rally.
19th: Fighting at Salt Lake City rally.
There has also been extensive vandalism at Trump’s campaign offices, graffiti and wheatpastes, as well as other autonomous actions that have no formal agents or organizations. Trump has recently resumed touring after his longest break since Christmas, likely as a result of the confrontations.”

So keep in mind that, however you may disavow fascism, white nationalism, white supremacy or white anything, it won’t help.

Just don’t let them catch you alone.



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