From Johannes Agnoli

The world market society, our present reality, is labelled globalization. Apart from its ideological status in social conflict – that is, the attempt of capital to make European labour accept unconditionally high unemployment and low wages – the term globalization presents something quite different; namely, the complete commercialization and commodification of social life. In other words, the so-called laws of the market, operating at a global scale, penetrate and condition everything from industrial production to cultural production. Bourgeois society rests upon the operation of these laws and it is these laws that transform bourgeois society into a world-wide ensemble of commodities. – Johannes Agnoli The Market, the State, and the End of History

In his interesting article on the role/viability of the liberal constitutional order under capitalist globalization, the late Italian Marxist Johannes Agnoli reminds us that globalization is both a horizontal and a vertical process, extensive and intensive.

As we consider the possibilities and limitations of the growing electoral national populist movements around the world, it is worth keep in mind his warning:

“… the question is whether the developing supranational oligarchies (the economic, the political, and the cultural) will consider it necessary to submit themselves to the inherited, bourgeois rules of constitutionality. The acuteness of the social conflicts which loom on the horizon, seems to raise much doubt that this will indeed be the case.”


Note: The entire article can be found at the sometimes interesting Communists in Situ, the site of “a loose network of people from different cities (berlin, athens, cairo, lisbon, zurich, paris, new york, rio de janeiro, etc)…not a political group, nor an organisation and there is absolutely nothing formal about it. In fact, we do not take ourselves too seriously. But we are serious about the times we live in…. [W]e do our best to explore a specific potential: roughly and approximately, almost and more or less, this potential coincides with the eternally suspended actuality of that which, for two hundred years now, is expressed with the name communism.”


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