On the Left and the “Lesser Evil”

… real solutions require Trump out of office. Real solutions will become far more probable with Sanders or Warren in office. Real solutions will become somewhat more probable even with the likes of Biden in office.An Open Letter to the Green Party for 2020 – Noam Chomsky, Barbara Ehrenreich, Bill Fletcher, Leslie Cagen, Norman Solomon, et al

A few days ago I came across the open letter to the Green Party quoted above which was authored by a group of prominent long-time left activists and thinkers who inhabit that border area between the center-left and what purports to be the anti-system left.

The letter is refreshing at least for its honesty and its refusal to simply hide behind the naive hope of a successful Sanders bid for the Democratic nomination.

Now, I have no problem with lesser-evilism when it comes to politics and especially to voting. However the question is always who is that “lesser evil”? As this letter shows once again, to almost the entire left, from the most tepid liberals to many supposed revolutionary Marxists, the decision is clear. In the face of the political crisis of the neoliberalism they choose the system over its populist challengers.


Note:  Re Sanders, see CJ Hopkin’s prediction in his latest piece:

Sanders… will lead [his followers] into the convention in July and deliver [them] to Biden, or Elizabeth Warren, or whichever soulless corporate puppet the party honchos eventually nominate, and then obsequiously stump for them for the next five months. – Dead President Walking

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