This blog is:

Populist – Around the globe the fundamental conflict today is struggle between the elites, striving to remake the world in their image, and the peoples of the planet resisting this. I stand with the peoples of the globe in this fight.
Identitarian – The most meaningful resistance will be based on organic communities, not on the work of deracinated individuals. This blog defends the interests, the rights, the history and the culture of Europe’s peoples around the world and in particular those of the historic American nation. Being committed to one’s own people does not, however, mean treating others as enemies, nor ignoring legitimate demands for justice for all. I reject racial hatred and supremacism, of any sort.
Anti-capitalist – Historically, capitalism has been by far the most subversive force in human experience. Held in check by a strong state and a vital people within a mixed economy, it has a potentially positive role to play, however, especially in its current post-national stage, it is directly or indirectly the primary source of the social, political and ideological evils confronting us.
Anti-globalist – Key to the capitalist project is the remaking of the entire world, commodifying every human relationship, turning each person into an interchangable consumer of these commodities and disolving every existing people into an indistinguishable part of a global monoculture. I support the “right to difference” and oppose the globalization project in both its neoliberal and therapeutic/social-democratic varieties.
Radical – I recognize that the existing political, social and economic order is fundamentally counterposed to the needs of the majority. A systematic critique and fundamental change is required.
Pragmatic – Too often anti-system voices seem to be more about posturing and LARP’ing than making a difference. I’m committed to working to contribute to building a movement that can actually change the world.
“Transversal” – Using the label “Neither Left nor Right” demonstrates a certain naivete, even while it reflects a healthy impulse. While I will post more on that topic, I will simply say here that I am not bound by any orthodoxy and will value lessons, insights and even allies from across the political spectrum.
Catholic – Around the time that I departed the left I returned to the Church of my youth. While this blog is mainly about politics, I struggle to insure that the views expressed are always consistent with the word of God and reflect a spirit of faith, love and charity.