As the Dust Settles

Just to follow up on my post re the post-Charlottesville purge, the blog Alternative Right has undisappeared and can now be found in a WordPress re-incarnation.  While I’m not always a big fan of the site, I’m naturally gratified to see that this first serious round of (so far mainly unofficial) repression has been fairly ineffective in actually silencing dissident voices.  In fact, one might argue that its value as a wake up call has outweighed any real damage done.

(And, yes, I know that on principle I should even hope for the return of the Daily Stormer, but I just can’t bring myself to do so.  I only wish that it had died a more natural death, if such a thing could happen to such an unnatural phenomenon.)


On the New Witch Hunt

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.” – Blogger(1)

The braying bad faith of the political alliance which spans the entire spectrum from the mainstream media, corporate elites and GOP establishment to the Revolutionary Communist Party and the black bloc is reaching deafening proportions.

More than anything else, this feels like the early ’50s, with the alt.x movement playing the role of the CPUSA.  Those hard times are here now and there are no doubt worse to come.  Any voice speaking out in even the most moderate way in defense of the interests of the traditional American nation must recognize that the consequences can be real and unpleasant.  (Think job loss, black listing, physical assault, ritual denunciation, silencing, even prosecution when some criminal charges can be trumped up.)

But this too will pass – remember how things changed then over the course of a decade.  Let us hope and, more importantly, work to ensure that our ’60s lie ahead!


(1) This is what showed up when I tried to access Alternative-Right this morning. It may be that the site is moving elsewhere of its own accord but in the current climate one suspects the worst, especially in light of widespread corporate efforts to silence dissenting voices. (See, for example the announcement at Counter-Currents that their web-hosting service is cancelling its account and that the site may be going off-line, or any of the coverage regarding the purging of offending accounts by Facebook, Paypal, etc. Silicon Valley’s Nazi Purge Kicks Into Overdrive Or: How tech learned to stop worrying and begin policing speech at Vanity Fair is a good place to start.)